To the customer

Six features of Kiraboshi osteopathic clinic

The latest equipment, also used by professional athletes, was introduced for the first time in Katsutadai.
Effective treatment machine
There are staff who are qualified as Montessori nursery teachers, so it is safe to bring children.
Open until 8 pm on weekdays.
Also open on Sundays
Don’t stand the pain of a car accident!
If you treat with Liability insurance, you don’t have to pay.

If you correspond to any of the following, please come to our clinic!

  • I have a hard time improving my stiff shoulders.
  • I have been suffering from back pain for many years.
  • I have a pain in my hip joint and causes difficulty in walking.
  • I want to heal sports injuries.
  • It’s hard to go to the osteopathic clinic because of my baby.
  • I want to have a medical treatment on my way home from work or on holidays.


Introduction of treatment and treatment machine

Introduction of treatment machine

The treatment is performed using an effective treatment machine selected by the therapist.

1Three-dimensional dynamic wave

The electric current relaxes muscles and nerves and relieves pain. This machine is effective for stiff shoulders and back pain.

2Ultrasonic inspection machine

You can check the real-time status of “bones, muscles, and ligaments” with a safe and secure ultrasonic machine that is not exposed to radiation.

3Traction therapy device

By pulling on your neck and hips, you can stretch your stiff muscles and bring out the stretching effect.

4Interference wave therapy device

By passing different types of electric current at the same time, it stimulates muscles and nerves more widely, suppresses pain and inflammation in the affected area, and promotes blood flow.

5Hydro hyperthermia device

Bubbles are generated in the warm water that has been circulated, and blood flow is promoted not only by the hot bath but also by the stimulation when the bubbles burst. It is the best device for tendonitis and tennis elbow.

6Hot pack

Wrap a mud pack in hot water at 90 ° C around a bath towel to warm the affected area and improve blood circulation.

7Roller bed

It is a machine that loosens the whole body with a roller according to various menus. At our clinic, we have prepared the highest grade, and you can experience a direct feeling different from the water bed.

Treatment fee

First consultation fee

One part Two parts Three parts
10% burden 600 yen 850 yen 1,100 yen
20% burden 850 yen 1,100 yen 1,350 yen
30% burden 1,100 yen 1,350 yen 1,600 yen

From the second time onwards

One part Two parts Three parts
10% burden 150 yen 200 yen 250 yen
20% burden 250 yen 350 yen 500 yen
30% burden 400 yen 500 yen 650 yen
自賠責保険で治療した場合、患者様の負担は0 yen
If you treat injuries in a car accident with Liability insurance, you don’t have to pay.

Staff introduction

星川 慶太(ほしかわ けいた)

Judo therapist, Bonesetter, Keita Hoshikawa

You may stand the pain and have hard time with your body, saying "Because it’s the usual thing …" and “Oh, I have no time …“.

Or you may prioritize your daily work and hobbies and put off the most important "body maintenance"?

When I was devoting myself to judo, I had the experience that my feelings were ahead of me and left my injuries without having the proper treatment.

At that time, I met a teacher who treated my injury correctly changed my future.

It has been several decades since I jumped into this industry, hoping to get closer to people who are suffering from the same symptoms as me and aim for recovery together.

I have seen and more than 8,000 patients in my 28 year career.

we are working hard every day to further improve the treatment effect by introducing and using the latest equipment as soon as possible.

And not only reducing pain, but also we take proper precautions to avoid pain again.

We propose a appropriate treatment based on your body condition, and will assemble a treatment plan that suits each person.

We will do our best to support your
body so that you can spend your daily life without any pains.

Please feel free to visit us and try our treatment.

Qualification / Affiliation
Judo Therapist, Bonesetter Member of the Japanese Society of Ultrasonic Cartilage Tissue,Kodokan Judo 5th Dan, Certified Judo Instructor B Instructor

星川 万里子(ほしかわ まりこ)

Mariko Hoshikawa

Qualification / Affiliation
Montessori childcare worker qualification,EIKEN Grade Pre-1,TOEIC860